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Curtain Headings



Double or Triple Pinch Pleat

A double or triple pinch pleat heading always looks elegant in all types of room set up/layout, whether its a contemporary or modern house or traditional, this heading gives a lovely tailored finish to your curtains. Pinch pleat heading  gives a stylish permanent pleat to your curtains, so it  is really important to take the all the measurements carefully, as curtains are made to an exact fit.

Some people prefer to hide their tracks or curtain rods when they hang their curtains, although you can use with a track or pole pinch pleats look best when hung beneath a pole.

Pinch pleat curtains are majestic and orderly. As name says itself,  pleats are made by pinching the fabric at equidistant intervals and sewn into place at the top of the curtain so that they always remain in exactly the same place.  Usually it is good to go for middle to heavy weight fabrics for pinch pleat curtains and they come fully lined.

Eyelet Heading

Eyelet curtains are very much in now a days, eyelets give a contemporary and modern look or finish to your curtains, so usually people with the modern layout would prefer to go for eyelet curtains.  Eyelets  are threaded through your pole. Eyelets are like metal ring which is available in different finishes, so that you can choose according to your room/home decor. when eyelet curtains are hung your curtains will make soft, elegant even pleats, which looks even and  make even  Once hung your curtains will fall in soft even and equally divided.

Eyelets can only be used with a curtain pole, we can not use any sort of tracks and eyelet curtains are not at all suitable for bay windows or with pelmets, so we have slight restriction with eyelet curtains.

Eyelet curtains are super easy to hang, you simply thread the pole through each of the eyelets, once we have finished that bit, result gives an equidistant soft and even fold.

Pencil Pleat Curtains

As the name tells you, a pencil pleat heading is a neat row of pencils. This heading gives a lovely neat and soft  finish to your curtains. The pencil pleat tape needs to be gathered to your required width. Pencil pleat curtains can be hung on a track or pole and is generally supplied with three hook positions allowing some flexibility when hanging them.

Pencil pleat curtains look stylish in contemporary or period homes.


Whether we are going for pinch pleat or eyelet or pencil pleat curtain headings, we will need certain amount of gathers to make it look more elegant and stylish, otherwise curtain would look just a flat piece of fabric across the window, so always add twice the width of the pole or track to allow to have enough gathers when the curtains are hung.

But always remember a heavier or thick curtain material like chenille or velvet may need less gathers than a lighter fabric like sleek silk. So always consider this point or this equation when fabric is lighter, then more gathers are fine but when fabric is heavier then too much of gathers may create a look of a big bunch of fabric



Basic Lining

This is Our standard or basic lining, which is 100% cotton sateen. It has a coating which prevents fading and sun damage or discoloration. As it is a basic lining, so if we do not want to have any heavy lining then good to have this lining, as this lining will improve the drape of your curtains, creating a more better and fuller look.

Usually it is used to line the lightweight curtains, such as voile, thin cotton fabrics. this lining comes in two colours white and cream. This lining gives a good fall to your curtains as well as certain degree of privacy. you can have this lining in your living or dining area. This lining has a crease resistant finish and gives your curtains a sumptuous look. 

100% Black out lining

This is our certified 100% blackout lining, as name explains itself that no light will pass through the fabric. This lining has a peculiar type of chemical coating applied which blocks up all the tiny wholes and gapes, which would usually not allow the light to pass through from these gaps. This is super soft blackout lining, again it is available in certain colours only and looks like our basic lining, usually people think Black out means it comes in black colour but it’s just a misconception, blackout means it has thermal qualities, helping to prevent heat loss and draught,   to clear up a common misconception, it isn’t black!  Blackout lining also has thermal qualities, helping to prevent draughts and minimising the loss of heat in the same way that thermal lining works, blackout lining has thermal qualities so it will help reduce the heat loss from your room and minimise the amount of cold air entering via windows.

In the same way that thermal lining works. 100% blackout means there will be no light coming from the fabric but there is possibility that you may get light seep through the sides or depending on the curtain headings you have gone for, like will seep through the eyelet curtains. Usually people prefer to have 100% blackout lining in their bedrooms to keep room dark and warm. This lining is slightly on heavier side on weight.

80% Blackout lining OR Dim out

80% blackout is on the similar concept/ pattern like 100% black, purpose is also same to block the light and to control the energy loss but it is little different to 100% blackout, the chemical coating is applied on the fabric is different, which makes the fabric slightly lighter than 100% blackout and it gives splendid fall and fuller look to your curtains, it is available in so many colours and this lining is perfect for any room or area.