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In my opinion like paint, flooring, light play very important role to change the look and feel of any home or room, same way curtains and blinds play a very important role and change the complete look and feel of that place, which can be easily overlooked at renovating stages. When your home is craving a new look, what we generally think of a fresh coat of paint or some new paintings or wall arts and flooring, but we don’t realise that curtains and blinds are equally important for any makeover, curtains and blinds not only significantly change the look of your home, but also give a nice, cosy, soft atmosphere to your home or that place and modifies the overall look and appearance of that area.

Sometimes it is so hard to determine (whether curtains will look nice in that particular room or blinds) which will look nice curtains or blinds, apart than personal choice, cause both have their pros and cons, but as each room has its different role in the house and according to that we can categorise what will look nice in each room… According to that basis, I tried to categorise them so let’s begin our journey ……

  • Living Room and Lounge
    Living room is the place where you entertain all your guest, you spend time with your family, sit together and watch, relax, so in that scene curtains tend to give more homely feel, make that particular area very relaxed, cosy and inviting, also curtains enhance the look and feel of that room and sometimes play a role of feature wall or beautiful wall art, considering all these points I prefer beautiful, luxurious curtains in the living room. Curtains come with different types of lining and heading options also it controls the heat and keeps the room warm and gives privacy when curtains are open and hooked with beautiful tiebacks they give a feature to that room along with elegant sheer curtains in the middle, so you get enough light, privacy and heat control. But nowadays we have so many options available in blinds also and they also come with so many interesting features/qualities like trendy neat, look, light control feature, privacy and energy saving properties, so now it’s our personal choice what we want to go for.
  • Kitchen
    A kitchen is the place where we cook, eat and do other related activities, while cooking we get so much smoke and sometimes spillage happens, so in that curtains are not at all advisable to have as they might come in our way while doing those activities, in that scene it is good to have sleek, slim, neat blinds, which is not coming in our way but at the same time serving our purpose and giving our window a nice look.
  • Bedroom
    Curtains or Blinds in bedroom again our personal preference but as bedroom is a place where you go after you whole day routine activities and would want to relax, as we all feel when we enter in our bedroom it should look neat, tidy, warm, cosy relaxing, inviting and luxurious at the same time, we want no light peeping/coming through from any gaps, you prefer to have that peaceful feel along with noise control feature, so curtains are the best option to achieve all those mentioned qualities, with blinds we can achieve some of the features but still we miss a warm & cosy feel and on many occasions we aren’t even able to control the amount of light comes through those tiny gaps.



With Curtains we have vast/wide variety to choose from, we can go for rich velvety fabric to simple linen & cotton fabric, shiny silk to smooth satiny fabric, from leather effect to matte suede effect, also we have a variety of heading options to choose from as per our room and window requirements, we can add elegant/delicate tiebacks to enhance the look of our curtains as well as the decor or look of that room. At the same time in blinds also we have so many options, and people are coming up with novice ideas, where we don’t have many restrictions, what used to happen a few years ago “like we can use this fabric but not that and all that” but still we couldn’t achieve the same flexibility as curtains, due to certain mechanism restrictions, now we have different types of blinds for each area and those options are really impressive but still we can not have the same feel and effect as can have with curtains.

Even with simple decor, your right selection of curtains can completely change the look of that room, Certainly, curtains lift up the entire look of the room, it gives beauty, depth and cosy/warm feel to that room.

Cons: Blinds are easy to maintain, looks are really sleek and neat, if you have small area or room then its good to have blinds, low maintenance and cost-effective. On the other hand, curtains are slightly more expensive, though some curtains are washable, still, most of the curtains need dry cleaning, which is sometimes not very economical, so maintenance wise blinds are better.

Sheer and main curtains are easy to handle and you can tie them whenever you want to enjoy the outside look, even tied curtains with lovely tiebacks they give a feature to that particular window or the whole wall, with blinds we miss that, as we cant play much with blinds and their mechanism.

So these are my thoughts on blinds and curtains, I am winding up my article here with the final note that both are nice and beautiful, it’s our personal choice but curtain’s trend is coming up again due to their look, variety and flexibility!

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